Intensive Driving Courses Chesterfield

For most people one or two lessons each week is the optimum way to learn to drive. That way, learning is spread out over a period of time and there is time to reflect on learning between lessons. However, for some people an intensive course is going to be the most helpful way to learn. The benefits of an intensive course are firstly for people who need to learn to drive and pass their test in a short space of time. this could be if a licence is required for a new job opportunity or maybe a student in the summer holidays before going to university. Secondly, for some people an intensive course is suitable because they easily forget things between lessons.

It will vary between one person or another whether an intensive course or regular weekly lessons are going to be the best option. Generally speaking an intensive course does not reduce the total number of lessons required. It is usually best to avoid an intensive course where you have a test booked at the end of a single week’s intensive training. It simply is not possible to tell whether an individual will be ready for the test and to take the test when you are not ready is going to be  waste of both your time and money.

If you are interested in intensive driving lessons in Chesterfield, please call Richard at I-Drive to discuss whether an intensive course will be most suitable for you and what availability there is. Some people who are initially attracted to the idea of an intensive course end up with a semi-intensive, where they take more than one or two lessons per week, but still spread out their learning over several weeks.

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