Theory Test Introduction

You do not need to pass your theory test before starting your lessons, but you will need to pass it before you can apply for the practical driving test. In fact it’s a good thing to learn for the theory while you’re taking your driving lessons, as then you can apply what you’re learning on your lessons to the theory test. I can give you all the help you need for the theory test and can recommend helpful learning materials including theory test pro (see below)

Theory Questions

When you go to take the theory test, you get 50 multiple choice questions on a touch screen computer and you need to select the correct answer(s). The theory test pass mark is 43 out of 50. When you have completed the questions, the hazard perception test will commence.

Hazard Perception Test

The hazard test involves 14 clips of film with a total of 15 scoring hazards. The scoring hazards are described as “developing hazards” ie hazards that require you to take action. You need to click the mouse when you see the hazard. The sooner you click, the more points you score – up to a maximum of 5 points per scoring hazard. You can score a maximum of 75 on the test and the pass mark is 44.

You need to pass both parts of the test at the same time to get an overall pass. You can book your theory at

Theory Test practice

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