Driving Lessons Post Lockdown

As of 12th April 2021 we have been allowed to recommence driving lessons with driving tests restarting before the end of the month.

Driving Test

If you have had a driving test booked with the DVSA, they should have been in touch by now to give you a new date. if you have heard nothing then you are advised to get in touch with DVSA urgently. For pupils who have not yet booked a test you will find that (naturally) waiting times for driving tests are very long. It is best to get your instructor’s advice as to whether you should book a driving test at this stage.

Theory Test

There are also major delays at many driving theory test centres although the DVSA are putting on extra sessions to try to cut down the backlog. If you have a theory test date already booked then please make sure that you prepare thoroughly so that you can pass first time. If you fail you will probably have along wait till the next available date. The pass rate for the theory test is around 50%. If more people were ready for tests before taking them then pass rates would be higher and waiting times would be lower.

Please see our covid page for information about driving lessons and our updated terms and conditions post-lockdown.

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