Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do i get a provisional driving licence?
You can get an application form at the post office or if you have a passport or other form of identity you can apply online here

2. Can you take the theory test before your 17th birthday?
For normal car licence entitlement, no you can’t take it till you are 17

3. Do i have to take my theory test before I start lessons?
It’s usually best to study for the theory test at the same time as taking your practical driving lessons

4. Is it true that you have lesson chance of passing at the end of the week?
No. If your driving is up to a good enough standard you will pass the test. Which day of the week or day of the month is not relevant. There is no quota that means a certain number of pupils have to pass or fail!

5. Can I do Pass Plus as part of my normal driving lessons?
Unfortunately not. The purpose of the Pass Plus course is to enable new drivers to get extar training and experience after they have passed their test

6. How do I book my driving test online?
You can book your theory test here and practical tests here

7. How do I book driving lessons in Chesterfield?
Call us on 07729 661283 for details of availability for driving lessons and latest driving lesson prices.