Learning to Drive


The first step in learning to drive is to get your provisional licence. If you already have appropriate forms of identification such as a passport, you can apply online here. You can get your provisional licence before your 17th birthday so you can start lessons on your birthday.


An important step towards getting a full licence is to pass your theory test. Most people study for their theory test at the same time as taking practical driving lessons.


Most people learning to drive in the UK take one lesson per week. However some people find that more than one lesson per week is helpful as they are less likely to forget things from one lesson to the next. The waiting time for the practical test can vary but the DSA target waiting time is 6 weeks. However it’s important that you don’t take your test before you are ready. The national pass rate is around 50% and the DSA have stated that a significant factor in people failing their test is that they were not ready for it.


Learning to drive is not just about passing the test. So we ensure to the best of our ability that all our learners are going to be safe confident drivers in the future. One way to improve your driving after the test is to take the Pass Plus course.