New Driving Test

There are some changes to the driving test coming in December 2017. You will no longer be tested on the turn in the road exercise or the reverse around the corner exercise although the DVSA will still expect pupils to be able to perform this manoeuvre (for instance if required if they take a wrong turning on the test!). In there place are driving forward into a parking bay and then reversing out as well as pulling up on the right hand side of the road and then reversing for a short distance before driving off again.

In addition there are changes to the Independent Driving. 4 out of 5 tests will now include a satnav section of 20 minutes driving where you will need to follow satnav directions that are pre programmed into the satnav by the examiner. The final change is that there will be new show me tell me questions some of which you may be asked to do whilst driving.

Here is a short video with detailing the changes